Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Chocolate

Pardon me for MIA for so long. After CNY cookies baking, really physically and emotionally drains me out. I always have the urge to bake, but when the time i finish my housework it's already very late in the night. Hopefully, these few days i can get my energy level rises rapidly to join the Aspiring Bakers. Haaaa... I intent to make this chocolate for Aspiring Bakers "Love in the Air", but my Dear V sis gave me half a day and only one piece of silicone mould of six heart shape to complete 34 pieces of chocolate cum design for her friend. OMG! So i was left with no time to think, but to do a simple chocolate for her. Hope that her friend do no mind :>

The heart shaped chocolate was done by me and V sis did all the deco herself. Mmh! I think should consider not bad, after all a girl who do not know how to bake and don't stay in the kitchen for too long.

This was done by me using her left over chocolate :( So poor thing never even left me a few pieces of empty heart shaped chocolate for Aspiring Bakers "Love in the Air".

A simple melted chocolate with chopped walnuts inside and design with tinted white chocolate or candy melt. I'm not too sure how much of the ingredient portion, as i did not do any weighing. Total 2 kg of chocolate and some white chocolate.


Anncoo said...

I love those sweet hearts and the little pretty flowers. Well done!

muimui said...

The heart shaped chocolate cake you did was even more lovely. It makes me drooling while watching. Next time will try your green tea tiramisu too. I alway have a soft spot for chocolate and green tea.