Thursday, November 3, 2011

My first 2-tier fondant cake


It time to cut the cake

Tasting time

Pink colour tends to fade, so it best colour it darker
We are quencing up to be place on the cupcakes
Finally, my dear sis pm me the pics. My sis V requested a pink and white theme with lots of flower surrounding the cake. The flavour of the cake must be chocolate and lots of chocolate without butter cream. Initially, her choice of cake was banana chocolate cake. But the cake was too moist to hold the weight, so i suggest a hazelnut chocolate fudge cake with ganache. Phew!

 During the whole cake making process, i suffer panic attack and went brain dead. The old Chinese saying " Haven't learn how to walk properly, already dreaming of running". Luckily, my youngest sis came to my recuse. She helped me look after the kids, wash the utensil and even help me cut the fondant. During, the whole cake making process. It was very tough for me, i was so afraid that i will ruin my dear sis V 21st birthday cake expectation. I have to handle multi-task too. But i was really very happy, the feedback was excellent. Everyone said it was delicious bursting with lots of chocolate, but was not overdose. I told my sis V that all chocolate will get overdose and the cake itself looks like a wedding cake. She the bride, but no groom how? Overall, I'm glad that i took up the challenge. Never dream i can make such cake.

The cake base was "10 inch" and the top was "8 inch". Each hazelnut chocolate fudge cake was slice into 3 layer using ganache as filling and i used Kahlua/rum syrup to moist the cake. The cake was covered and decorated using MMF only. Did not weight the cake, but my younger sis and i suffer from muscle cramp for almost 3 days haa... Next, i am planning a small cake for myself too.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Angry Bird Marshmallow Fondant

Had some left over fondant and decided to play around with it. My tiny lonely bird.

Marshmallow brownie fondant cake

A quick post of my very first Marshmallow Fondant cake. This was specially bake for my youngest sister 20 yrs old birthday with the theme and the flavour of her choice. She requested a blue and white theme brownie cake with simple lemon butter cream.

A lesson learnt, always cut marshmallow fondant thicker if you want it to hold properly.

Sorry for the poor pic taken. I do not own a proper camera, all my pic are taken using my IPhone.

See my poor bow too thin and did have enough time to dry them.

Overall, i contented. It my first attempt and self taught. :) self-console again...

I'm glad my sister loves it so much.

Simple brownie with walnuts added, as requested by bday girl.

I always wanted to lay my hand on fondant and i finally have the courage to do it. Even it does not look so pro and beautiful, but i'm really soot happy:> All deco are edible and made from marshmallow fondant, so it does not really holds well. Coming up soon, my biggest project. My 2nd sis 21st birthday and it was really a huge project. Still waiting for my sis pm me the cake foto, so stay tune with me.