Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Marshmallow brownie fondant cake

A quick post of my very first Marshmallow Fondant cake. This was specially bake for my youngest sister 20 yrs old birthday with the theme and the flavour of her choice. She requested a blue and white theme brownie cake with simple lemon butter cream.

A lesson learnt, always cut marshmallow fondant thicker if you want it to hold properly.

Sorry for the poor pic taken. I do not own a proper camera, all my pic are taken using my IPhone.

See my poor bow too thin and did have enough time to dry them.

Overall, i contented. It my first attempt and self taught. :) self-console again...

I'm glad my sister loves it so much.

Simple brownie with walnuts added, as requested by bday girl.

I always wanted to lay my hand on fondant and i finally have the courage to do it. Even it does not look so pro and beautiful, but i'm really soot happy:> All deco are edible and made from marshmallow fondant, so it does not really holds well. Coming up soon, my biggest project. My 2nd sis 21st birthday and it was really a huge project. Still waiting for my sis pm me the cake foto, so stay tune with me.


Awayofmind Bakery Hoiuse said...

well done Muimui! I yet to have the courage to do the fondant cake deco :) yours look so lovely!

muimui said...

Thanks Ah Tze for dropping by. How are you coping now. Last went yr blog, read that you are without any helper again. Must rest well:> Fondant was much more easier than bread making, but it much more timing consuming. Sorry i can't share the post, coz i took it from the web that requires member. But if you're keen, do drop me a mail. I bet you'll have alot of fun playing with yr son.