Thursday, October 13, 2011

Simple marshmallow fondant deco

My first attempt on fondant
Purple flower and butterfly theme
Parts of the fondant waiting to be decorated

The birthday girl name and age using chocolate fondant

Finally, i did it! Phew :}

Have been busy preparing so hard for my sis V biggest 21st birthday coming on 1st of Nov. I was a novice to fondant world and knew nothing about 2 tier cake. She was very excited for her birthday and organize a celebration on chalet on this coming 30th Oct. I decided to take up these huge challenge to bake a 2 tier fondant cake, which i never try before.
So have been browsing through the web for tutorial on fondant, finally decides on baking a chocolate cake cover with marshmallow fondant and some daisy with butterflies. Recently, have been trying my hands on marshmallow fondant and butter cream. I venture different recipes and found the marshmallow easy and tasty. But was afraid the butter cream might melt on me and i finally found these.

The above cupcakes was a last min decision to bake for my friend daughter, i made 40 small cupcakes with butter cream and marshmallow fondant deco. Pardon me, i do not have the proper set of cutter for fondant. Currently, i am using the cookies cutter i had on hand. Marshmallow fondant was quite sticky to handle than sugar paste and it does not harden well. Shall try a fondant cake for my 2nd sis J on this 23rd of Oct to gain some confident first. Hopefully, i do have some spare time to join this month Aspiring Baker's on kueh theme. Baking fairy, if you can hear me please make a trip to my house and stay for a month :). I will have to go MIL for awhile to prepare for my exam LOL.....


DG said...

The cupcakes look great! Looking forward to see your baking for your sis V & J :)

muimui said...

Thank you!