Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hazelnut Mousse Cake

Another over due posting. A birthday cake for my Thai friend birthday on 08 April. Have been very busy and very exhausted recently. My daughter had a fall and was done with 13 stitches. Then 2 weeks later, she was down with a terrible cough followed by flu and now high fever. My DH also caught the virus and my son also having fever, flu and cough. Ooh! Gosh! They took turns. My son have high fever for 2 days, then my daughter have high fever for 2 days and now my son got high fever again. I was like today pack boy bag in case the need to rush for hospital, the next day unpack and then pack girl bag. I wonder when will it come to an end. Now I'm the only one with the will power and constantly telling myself that i won't fall sick dragging my legs out of the bed daily. My poor eggs too every night out of the fridge and back in the afternoon.

Actually, i plan to do some cheese pops for my son school Easter day celebration, but don't think that i have the time now. Hopefully, they recover fast and i can do some for my son classmates. My son school teacher are so warm and caring. They will really take time to communicate to us regarding my son progress and his mood swing.

Sorry for the poor picture taken. These was taken at night, after the birthday girl cut the cake.
A glimpse of the inner cake. Overall, I'm satisfy with the cake only for the deco. Coz my friend is a very traditional type of person, i replace the chocolate deco with peach.

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