Saturday, September 10, 2011

A simple farewell cake

Steam chocolate cake

My son school had a trend going on, his teacher leaving one by one. First was his English teacher, who suddenly inform the school that she was leaving after her holiday. Meanwhile, my dear son was still trying to adapt of the sudden changes. Then came a part-timer and she called it quit too!  2 weeks later, my friend told me that the Chinese teacher was leaving too. What a waste, i like this Chinese teacher alot. She was a patient lady, whom shower her students with lots of care and concern. My son was very attached to her, so i ask my son what he would like to give his teacher as a farewell gift without thinking he told me cakes. My dear son enjoys baking alot and he would pester me daily to let him bake. So i source around for kids friendly recipes and decided on this. These cake was recommended by many blogger and was given very good rating for it. Yes! It the steamed chocolate cake heard that it was very moist and chocolaty. But too bad, i didn't have the chance to taste it. A last minute bake too, as you can see from the foto that it was very dim. Luckily, i still have some left over cream from my previous BB full mth cupcakes. My mind was too tired to think of any design, but i went ahead and do the piping. Hee! Just let the hand do the work, without thinking.

Indeed a very serious student..

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Zoe said...

He is so sweet baking this cake for his teacher. I can see that he is indeed a very serious student...