Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Traditional Mooncake

In the picture, 3 Mooncakes (double yolk lotus paste, single yolk lotus and red bean paste) and lotus wrapped red bean paste Shanghai Mooncake)

I wonder why i can't get the deep browning and clear surface with glossy look. I followed the recipes to the brim. But i replace the oil with corn oil (again last min, so cannot find). All the Mooncakes posted are baked before Mid-Autumn. Sorry for being slow in posting, cos it school holiday and i need to bring my little prince out. I know i flung the test, but who cares anyway it my first attempt. In Chinese there's a phrases called " One must experience failure in order to success". ( Moo... Self console :O ) Anyway, really have to thanks Small Small Baker for starting the Aspiring Bakers events, that never failed to motivate me to try new thing or things that i never thought i would ever try. Also for all the kind blogger that hosted the events and blogger who are so kind to share their wonderful recipes.

I am submitting this post to: Aspiring Bakers #11 for September(2011) hosted by HAPPY HOME BAKING

Ingredients (Makes 9 pcs)
300g hong kong flour
180g sugar syrup
12g alkaline water
75g corn oil
1kg lotus paste
9 salted egg yolks (i use 3 pcs double yolk)
some toasted melon seed

  1. Knead lotus paste well and add melon seed. Weigh yolk and paste 116g and roll into ball.
  2. Mix sugar syrup, alkaline water and corn oil together. (Combine well)
  3. Sift hong kong flour in a large bowl, make a well in the centre and pour in the sugar syrup mixture.
  4. Mix to form soft dough. Cover and let it rest for 20 mins.
  5. Lightly dust hong kong flour on table and knead dough again till smooth. measure dough 60g each. Wrap the lotus paste with soft dough, dust some hong kong flour on it and press into mould and dislodge.
  6. Place mooncake on lined baking tray. Bake in preheated oven for 180C 7 mins and rest to cool down before applying egg wash on mooncake, brush with soft brush and bake for 15 mins 175C.
  7. Remove mooncake from oven and brush glaze on mooncake.
  • Salted egg yolk ~ I rub 1 tbsp of shaoxing hua tao jiu on it and leave it for 15 mins, remove place on lined tray and bake at 180C 5 mins.
  • Egg glazing ~ 1 egg yolk + a drop of egg yellow colouring, sift and set aside.
  • Mooncake ~ Total weigh 176g (dough, yolks and filling).
  • I used 60g dough and 116g filling.
  • Filling ~ 116g (yolks, toasted melon seed and filling)
  • Melon seed ~ toasted at 180C 5 mins, or till i hear the tapping sound.
  • I did half portion and left with about 20g-30g dough.
Adapted from: Thank you! Anncoo Journal for sharing this recipe.


Anncoo said...

Hi MuiMui, I think you did a good job on your first try. I like the Chinese words on the mooncake ~ “花好月圆”, will get this mould for the next festival :)
Will link you to my page :)

muimui said...

Thank's Anncoo for the encouraging comment. Shifu, how did you get such a deep imprint, lovely browning and such a glossy look?

Zoe said...

I feel nice reading your post.

I remember not cooking or baking much before migrating to Australia. Now, I'm glad that all these food blogging has given me lots of inspiration and appreciate home-cooked and home-made food more than I used to. Keep it up! Your mooncakes are fantastic !

Ah Tze said...

Nice mooncake! I not dare to try baking traditional mooncake knowing it is difficult to do :)
I agreed with you that one must experience failure in order to success, I'm in that spirit too ^^

muimui said...

Thanks Zoe! My home-cooked food are limited. My family can't take seafood, so i seldom post any cooking stuff. Now i finally find a way to leave comment on yr blog, by using my Iphone.

muimui said...

Hi Ah Tze! In the past, i won't even dare to think that i can bake Mooncake too. That's the reason, i felt that joining Aspiring Bakers are really challenging and motivating:)