Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello Kitty strawberry sponge cake

Phew! This was consider a huge project for me. At first, i thought of doing a chocolate outline with piping gel. But happen to saw Anncoo Journal Blog. Her blog was so well organize and especially her cake are so beautifully done. After seeking advise from her i decide to do chocolate transfer on my cake.

 Tata! My first creation...

 Till now still don't understand, why i can't make sponge cake so easily like chiffon. Must practice more to improve on my cake foundation and make up. It's not balance and smooth. It getting late and the whipped cream melt on me (warmed hand).

My ger was very happy and of course the mum too. This was all done in one whole day. Have to thank my V sister for helping me to look after the kids. I make two strawberry sponge, sandwich by whipped cream (chopped chocolate oreo). The picture was done by chocolate transfer.

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ann low said...

Hi Muimui, This is a beautiful birthday cake :) Very pretty, I like you add the decor beside the name and the hello kitty looks cute too!

muimui said...

Hi Anncoo, Thanks for your compliment. I'm starting to fall in love with chocolate decor. Still got alot more to learn from you and improve on my piping.