Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chocolate Fudge Banana Cupcake

Bursting with lots of chocolate

A Simple Cupcake for my Kids Teacher Day Gift!
Just to share my overdue, posting for Teacher Day! I made these using the same recipes Easy bananas chocolate cake, but i double the portion. It yield 80 small cupcakes, apply some Chocolate Fudge icing (putting foundation for the cupcakes) and add some deco on it (put on some blusher & brush some eyeshadow) Blah! Blah! Quickly, squeeze them into the cake box! Tala! Time to chat with Zhou Gong.


Quay Po Cooks said...

Cute looking cup cakes and I am your kids teacher must be very pleased:D

muimui said...

Thanks for dropping by :)