Friday, November 12, 2010

Dengue Fever

Firstly, i not too sure if this helps. But personally my hubby caught dengue this year on Jan 2010 and discharge 4 days before Chinese new year. It was so scary his blood count was below 28 and have to infuse a packet of blood early in the morning. Then go around asking and seeking advise on what Chinese herbal to brew for him.

At the same time i have to bring my son to school and preparing for coming new year. Phew so tiring!!! I hardly have any sleep. So if anyone out there, whoever have loved ones that caught this virus, please try this method it seem to work for me and it brings up his blood platelets.

I even shared with my sis in law and she pass this recipes to her friend son who just caught dengue fever. He was admitted to hospital and that very night his mum bought this soup for him and surprising doctor said he can be discharge on that day. As his blood count was better. His mum was so happy and thank me continuously.

  1. 3 whole frogs (tian chi skin remove), chopped slightly
  2. 8 small bitter gourd (can put the whole bitter gourd or remove the seed inside)
  3. 10g of wolf berries
  4. 20g of seedless red dates
  • Wash clean put everything into the slow cooker and double boil until all the juices come out. (About 2 hours)
  • Do not add anything. If you are going to use it as normal drink, try adding a bottle of chicken essence or any bottle of herbal. (such as tong Cong char). This is to help to speed up, the immune system. Coz during recovering process, the body structure is still very weak. You will need to boil tonic, just like doing confinement.
If suffer for more then 2 weeks. Try using grounded 8 papaya leaf soup. If got any enquires, pls leave a message in my blog. I can share more with you. I'm plain too lazy to type everything out. Lol!

Hope it helps for those with loved one suffering from this horrible mosquitoes virus.

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