Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Strawberry marshmallow cake

This is the first cake i bake for younger sis 19 birthday. I really crack my head for a special and yummy cake for my dear sister. Through out the whole process, i encounter lots of unexpected surprises. Such as the cake drop when i remove from oven, then placing the strawberry too slow, not enough space for jello (realize that i bought cake tin too small), strawberry too sour and many were spoilt. Then forgot to line the cake tin had difficulty in removing and etc. But i finally completed it.

I make a chocolate cake with walnut and chocolate chips, as base. Then strawberry milk marshmallow, topping using Raspberries jam with gelatin. Neverless to said i really tried my best, really hope she like it. The feedback was excellent, all thanks to hug bear recipes.

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