Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chocolate Hazelnut praline cake

It my birthday tomorrow. But somehow felt so deserted from the world outside. Anyway bake a cake for myself with lots of chocolates hoping that it helps.

Ugly looking cake, just like my feeling right now

Left over mousse, use it to sandwich the chocolate cake.

I used my same chocolate cake, hazelnut praline, chocolate hazelnut mousse and chocolate coating. Those bump on the mousse are the hazelnut. A lot of step in the process and left with no time for me to do a proper decorating. I had always wanted to do a proper piping on cake, but unable to do so :(  Excuses due to poor piping skill !


Small Small Baker said...

Who says it's ugly looking. It's very pretty! Cheer up and have a great birthday!

muimui said...

Blush! Your comments really brightens up my day. Thank you Sweetie!