Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Banana swiss roll

I wonder this Swiss roll was a success or failure again. I flung my previous one, it broke in strip while i tried to roll. These was a modified recipe, i did manage to roll up with slightly crack on the surface. But overall it was still quite good, i mean at least i can still roll up without any breaking in strip or pieces again. But i find it too soft and must really handle with care. It like rubbing lotion on a newborn baby. Phew! Finally manage to roll one after my third attempt. Maybe i should have try to make Swiss rolls like chiffon method.

 I always find that baking chiffon cake are much more easier than sponge cake. Again and again, i end making the same mistake (too greedy) always tried to stuff too many cream and cut my fruit too thick. Oh! Boy look at my fatty Swiss roll, adorable right.... I used the left over cream and play around by piping on the roll. Horrible piping, i know (the cream was not thaw, left in the fridge for two days). But my DH loves this roll alot, he finish the whole roll all by himself. The only complain i receive was the roll was too fragile, must handle with care and his tummy is becoming dibo.

Will be posting the recipes soon.

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