Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My dear friend

Sometime really felt gulity for negecting my dear friend, whom had alway been by my side. Be it through rain or shine. Time really passes in a blink. He had been with us for 7 whole years, that i have been taken him for granted. In the past, he is the one who sat with me and look after me while i was pregnant with my eldest son. I can still remember clearly, he is like the brother of my son. He will follow me wherever i goes around the house and if i stays in the toilet for too long he will get anxious and scratch my door until i open the door. After he sees that i am fine, he will return to his bed and sleep. During my late pregnancy, he will keep peeping at me wherever i goes and if i wash the toilet, he will come and sit infront of me (as if he was saying stop plss and take a rest). When my eldest son was born, i was afriad that he will not like him and bite him. But i was wrong. If my son cried, he will appear anxious and run very fast to the kitchen and bark at me, then he run very fast to my son bedroom door looking at me. If i happens to be bathing and my son cried, my dear friend will came scratching my door non-stop, till i open the door he will run to my son room door again. But now he was alway lock in the kitchen to prevent him from urine all around the house. I guess! It due to aging process. While, i was clearling my cupboard i took some photo of him and those memories of him came suddenly.

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